Discover how me make our authentic seitan in this illustrated story

How to make seitan picture

Photographer Benedicte Caramin has recorded the procedure we follow to make our authentic seitan here at Bertyn. Step by step, with passion and a great deal of patience – her photos illustrate both the authenticity and the craftsmanship that underscore out story.




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If you’ve ordered Bertyn seitan from the official Bertyn online shop,, you may wonder what to do with the thermobox. Use these 6 ideas for recycling!

Recycle your thermobox Did you know that our seitan is very easy to order online, especially when you use our official Bertyn online shop, It’s simple, easy, and delivered quickly to your doorstep. With just a few clicks you can add our delicious seitan to one of your dishes that very week.




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If you’re cutting down on sugar, try our improved Teriyaki Protein Tops and Gula Java Chili Protein Tops

Bertyn Seitan Teriyaki

At Bertyn we love to play with our recipes for the various seitan types and flavours. Trade fairs, cooking demonstrations, reviews and spontaneous reactions all help us to understand what people think of our products, what they expect and what their experiences are. The result of all this is that we have recently made our Teriyaki Protein Tops and Gula Java Chili Protein Tops even more delicious! Now available for you to try.

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Bertyn will be at the 2016 Biofach organic trade fair

Biofach 2016Bertyn will have a stand at Biofach 2016, a trade fair for professionals that will be held from 10 to 13 February in Nuremberg, Germany. If you are a professional and would like to visit the Bertyn stand (as well as many other organically-certified companies), then register at de website van de Biofach.


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Vegetarian festive recipes: seitan makes the perfect Christmas dinner

ChristmastableChristmas: the festive season is the perfect opportunity to think about what you’re eating. Where does your food come from? Should you go for a traditional dinner or vegetarian? Have your friends and family gone vegetarian or maybe you’ve decided to quit meat and fish yourself? Of course there are many more options that don’t just involve serving a salad or vegetable ratatouille.




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Going vegetarian: vegetarian dishes are becoming more common, with a wider choice of meat substitutes such as seitan

Vegetarian dishes are easier, thanks to excellent recipesWhen some people think of vegetarians, they think of something very exotic. There are still only a few people who have any idea what vegetarianism entails or what the motivation for it is, or are simply not receptive to it. There are many clichés involving vegetarians and vegetarian food. A recent television commercial in Belgium portrayed vegetarians as pale and naive hippies with pimples who only ate raw vegetables such as carrots and celery. There was much uproar, as vegetarianism stopped being a niche interest long ago and is becoming ever more ‘normal’ for us all.

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Are you trying to lose weight with a protein or low-carb diet? Seitan is perfect for you: full of protein, low in carbs and calories

lose weight with low carb seitan

Nowadays, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably on a diet. You might persevere with your diet, making major changes to your lifestyle and letting the diet gradually become part of your routine. Or you might follow a diet for just a short period of time, by meeting certain requirements and giving your body a boost for both weight-loss and health. These days you often read about protein diets and low-carb diets.



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Vegetarian proteins are important at Baobab juice bar & casa vegetariana

Baobab juice bar  casa vegetariana serves seitan

"Beautiful food, authentic vegetarian. Not simply pasta on a plate as most vegetarian options in places. Vegetarian protein is important in each dish. Lovely spot for lunch. Well done!"
Miriam Healy, visitor of Baobab juice bar & casa vegetariana

Andrea is one of the founders of Baobab. Her reason for opening a vegan bar is first and foremost ethical grounded. This is already clear when you see the place from a distance. At the door, there’s a sign that says: “Animals are our friends. We don’t eat our friends.” Besides that, it’s just a whole lot healthier to be a vegan. But Baobab is also there in order to create more consciousness in the world. The founders believe that a vegan lifestyle is the future for our planet and there’s no way back. They notice that people are becoming increasingly more conscious about a sustainable lifestyle.




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Bertyn chef Serge Restiau cooks seitan Teriyaki for ‘Brigitte Bardot’ crew. Sea Shepherd and Bertyn Seitan join forces to protect the oceans and their sea life

frontlogo-serge restiau de brigitte bardot seitan bertyn red de zee red de tonijn

On 15 September 2011 Bertyn Seitan Master Serge Restiau visited the ‘Brigitte Bardot’ at the Willem Dock in Antwerp. The ‘Brigitte Bardot’ was beautifully moored beside the magnificent MAS museum. A 35-metre long, super fast ship which will be used by Sea Shepherd to protect the oceans and their sea life. The costs necessary to transform the ‘Brigitte Bardot’ were met in part by a donation from the Brigitte Bardot foundation (








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Berty Seitan is hosted using 300% wind energy. For a reduced CO2 footprint and a healthier environment


We have chosen a server from a green host for our site. A green host because they use green, energy-efficient servers and purchase wind energy credit for consumption.











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