bertyn teriyaki protein tops 200g spelt 20180326 1401836348Teriyaki Protein Tops

Bertyn seitan Teriyaki Protein Tops made with spelt is synonymous with a love of Japanese food. And it’s also 100% organic – both the seitan Tops and all the ingredients that go into the teriyaki sauce. The Tops (cubed seitan) is flavoured with a melange of sake, hemp seeds, roasted sesame oil and other ingredients 

Our teriyaki sauce also contains a range of fresh flavourings, including ginger and garlic. The combination means that the seitan, which is made of organic wholemeal spelt, goes perfectly with noodles and rice. It’s a true oriental addition to any meal, together with the pure and flavoursome teriyaki sauce. Don’t forget to take a look at our recipes with Teriyaki Protein Tops.

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Seitan from organic wholemeal spelt with Oberkulmer Rotkorn

The seitan in our Teriyaki Protein Tops is made from 100% organic spelt flour and contains wholemeal Oberkulmer Rotkorn. What makes it so special? Oberkulmer Rotkorn is an original variety that has never been crossed with other types of grain.