bertyn veggie gehakt 250g tarwe 20180326 1003006835Veggie Mince: vegetarian mince made from seitan

Go back to our nutritional roots with Bertyn seitan mince: honest, authentic. Our Bertyn seitan mince is a high-quality mince that, thanks to its versatility, is the perfect addition to any meal. Add spices and use in any dish you desire!

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What makes our Bertyn seitan so amazing is the ‘bite’ of the vegetarian mince: of all the foods that provide you with vegetal protein, the structure of seitan comes the closest to that of meat. Our seitan is a delicious meat and fish substitute with a smaller ecological footprint.

Available in the refrigerated section of your health shop.


Why use Bertyn seitan vegetarian mince?

✓ High in vegetal protein
✓ The whole family will love it
✓ Fast and easy to prepare

Try something new with Bertyn seitan mince

You’ll never run out of ideas with Bertyn vegetarian mince: spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, shawarmas, mince balls, casseroles, pasta sauce, mince stuffing, hamburgers and anything else you can think of ... all using vegan mince!

Preparing Bertyn vegetarian mince

Loosen the block of mince by hand over a bowl (because it is vacuum packed, the mince becomes compacted). Spice and season to taste. The seitan mince is pre-cooked – to heat it, grill, fry, boil or add it to a warm dish.

It’s easy to stir-fry the seitan vegetarian mince of seitan – just add to a hot pan and stir until it starts to brown. If you want to make vegetarian mince balls, then you can find a perfect recipe on the inside of our seitan mince packaging as well as on the video containing a recipe for vegetarian mince balls.