Gula Java Chili Protein TopsGula Java Chili Protein Tops

Our Gula Java Chili Protein Tops is a magical experience. The delicious sauce is a mix of Gula Java coconut blossom sugar with a hint of coconut, olive and red palm oil and exotic spices. It’s a unique flavour – penetrating, sweet and mildly spicy... and 100% organic and natural.

The sauce is made exclusively of pure and organic ingredients – coconut  blossom sugar, turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaf and tamari, to name just a few – that all come together to make a mildly spicy and sweet chili sauce. The seitan pieces are ready-marinated in the sauce, giving them optimum flavour.

BUY!Gula Java Chili Protein Tops (200g)


Coconut blossom sugar in Gula Java Chili Protein Tops

The seitan we use in our seitan Tops is 100% organic and is made from spelt flour and Oberkulmer Rotkorn. The latter flour is an original variety that has never been crossed with other types of grain, making it pure in origin.

Preparing Gula Java Chili Protein Tops

Gula Java Chili Protein Tops can be used for practically any dish – in a wrap, on a taco, with stir-fried rice, mixed with quinoa and stir-fried vegetables or as filling in spring rolls. The possibilities are simply endless. Click here to see the recipes with Bertyn seitan Gula Java Chili Tops.

Bertyn seitan Gula Java Chili Protein Tops are ready in a flash. All our ingredients are 100% organic. Simply heat the Gula Java Chili Protein Tops on the stovetop for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, and serve when warmed through.