bertyn veggie gehakt 250g tarwe 20180326 1003006835Veggie Mince: vegetarian mince made from seitan

Go back to our nutritional roots with Bertyn seitan mince: honest, authentic. Our Bertyn seitan mince is a high-quality mince that, thanks to its versatility, is the perfect addition to any meal. Add spices and use in any dish you desire!

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Bertyn seitan Protein Steak Natur and Protein Bloc Natur with spelt

Seitan Protein Steak Natur Seitan Protein Bloc Natur
Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-AmanvidaProtein Steak Natur (200g) Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-AmanvidaProtein Bloc Natur (450g)


Seitan Protein Steak Natur and Protein Bloc Natur: experience authentic Protein seitan. This seitan has a soft, neutral flavour with a yummy bite. It’s a real flavour chameleon which you can use in so many different ways. It’s perfect as mince for hamburger patties, spaghetti bolognese and meatballs, yummy in homemade marinades, sauces and broths, and you can even add it to a protein shake.

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Veggie Protein Steaks + Vitamine D

bertyn veggie protein steak vit d 300g tarwe 20180326 1777971415

bertyn veggie protein steak vitd 250g spelt 20180326 1449997656

The Bertyn chefs have added the vitamin D-rich Agaricus mushroom to the tasty sauce. 

In the refrigerated display of your health food shop. Easy to prepare. Tasty and vegetarian.

 Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-AmanvidaVeggie Protein Steak - Wheat + Vitamine D (300g)
 Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-AmanvidaVeggie Protein Steak - Spelt + Vitamine D (250g)


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Gula Java Chili Protein TopsGula Java Chili Protein Tops

Our Gula Java Chili Protein Tops is a magical experience. The delicious sauce is a mix of Gula Java coconut blossom sugar with a hint of coconut, olive and red palm oil and exotic spices. It’s a unique flavour – penetrating, sweet and mildly spicy... and 100% organic and natural.

The sauce is made exclusively of pure and organic ingredients – coconut  blossom sugar, turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaf and tamari, to name just a few – that all come together to make a mildly spicy and sweet chili sauce. The seitan pieces are ready-marinated in the sauce, giving them optimum flavour.

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bertyn teriyaki protein tops 200g spelt 20180326 1401836348Teriyaki Protein Tops

Bertyn seitan Teriyaki Protein Tops made with spelt is synonymous with a love of Japanese food. And it’s also 100% organic – both the seitan Tops and all the ingredients that go into the teriyaki sauce. The Tops (cubed seitan) is flavoured with a melange of sake, hemp seeds, roasted sesame oil and other ingredients 

Our teriyaki sauce also contains a range of fresh flavourings, including ginger and garlic. The combination means that the seitan, which is made of organic wholemeal spelt, goes perfectly with noodles and rice. It’s a true oriental addition to any meal, together with the pure and flavoursome teriyaki sauce. Don’t forget to take a look at our recipes with Teriyaki Protein Tops.

Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-AmanvidaTeriyaki Protein Tops (200g)


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bertyn veggie protein steak tarwe 300 20180326 1290587745

bertyn veggie protein bloc 550g 3d 20170829 1378540893

Veggie Protein Seitan - Wheat

This protein-rich product is perfect for replacing meat in your meals. The name ‘Seitan’ comes from Japan, where it has been prepared in the traditional manner for hundreds of years.
When the popularity of natural food increased, original seitan was also discovered by the West. Seitan was originally made using wheat. We have been making wheat seitan for 25 years and have recently also begun making spelt seitan.



bertyn shoyu protein bloc 1000g tarwe 20180326 1240676222

Veggie Protein Steak - Wheat (300g) Veggie Protein Bloc - Wheat (550g) Shoyu Protein Bloc (1000g)
Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida


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bertyn veggie protein steak 250g spelt 20180326 1915103195

bertyn seitan verpakking tamari bloc 3d 20121011 1434782540Veggie Protein Seitan - Spelt

Spelt is an old variety of grain that has attracted renewed attention from the organic sector as a result of cultivation conditions, namely that is uses less fertiliser, has better resistance to disease and has a hard kernel with a high protein level. As a result of these excellent properties, we now also make spelt seitan.




 bertyn tamari bloc 1000g spelt 20180326 2016291848

Veggie Protein Steak - Spelt (250g) Tamari Protein Bloc (550g) Tamari Bloc (1000g)
Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida


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bertyn pepper protein steak 350 3d rgb 20171121 1493368264

bertyn pepper protein steak 350 front 20171130 1926862531

Pepper Protein steak

Discover Bertyn’s seitan pepper steak, the ideal protein replacement to fry or grill. This organic pepper steak is prepared with spelt seitan according to traditional methods. With a delicious, subtle almond pepper sauce. Fry or grill on both sides for 5 minutes. Then add the sauce and you’re done! Or place the package in boiling water for 5 minutes. Straight away you will taste its delicious soft taste. Mouth-watering! And with a filet mignon texture. You can find Bertyn in the fresh food section at your local health store.

Buy-order-Amanprana-organic-products-at-Amanvida Pepper Protein Steak (350g)


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